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What is Goma?

Goma is an open-source, parallel, and scalable multiphysics software package for modeling and simulation of physical processes. It solves problems in all branches of mechanics, including fluids, solids, and thermal analysis. Goma employs advanced numerical methods for solving problem with coupled phenomena for manufacturing and performance applications. It also provides a flexible software development environment for specialty physics. Goma is being used to reduce process-development time, understand fundamental processes, and to educate the next generation of computational mechanics experts.

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Purpose and Future Goals

Goma has an unique feature for those who need to add new physics, equations, and material models to evaluate their process or product. Unlike commercial codes, Goma’s source code is available allowing easy exploration of new algorithms, physics, and verification. Additionally, Goma takes advantage of parallel processing architectures without extra licensing fees assessed per processor, which is often standard practice in commercial codes. Through open sourcing Goma, we plan to help create the next-generation of computational mechanics experts through a hands-on development process


Goma has been applied to manufacturing process design and device performance within the national laboratory system and in industry.Goma's applications range from coating and drying, to polymer processing and joining processes. Specific examples include flat-panel glass processing at Corning, composites such as 3M® Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced materials for power lines, and porous adsorbent media applications at Procter & Gamble.

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